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What Heavy Drinking Does To You

With this growing population of young drinkers, a big concern that many of us adults have have lived through that time period in our lives will ask them is, “Can you handle it?”

The early 20’s of a person’s life can make or break their future, or at least for the short term of it. Once a person graduates high school and truly enters the adult life, a lot of the world really starts to show it’s true colors and hit them right between the eyes. For the college graduates, some will get a job, some will focus on school, and some will do both. But, for a lot of these social people, partying has it’s place.

Many people say live fast and live it up while you are long. Some better advice would be think smart, think logically, and ask yourself, “is this what I should be doing right now.”

beer pong drinking

For the party animals. Are you going to be able to handle partying at the same time as going to school or working to earn a living? Is the party effect having an affect on your mental stability? Is the alcohol affecting your cognitive thinking? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may time to take a good hard look at the path you are heading down in your life.

drunk women

I have seen first hand alcohol affect many of my friend’s lives. Some of the most ambitious people I ever knew in High School turned out to be lame drunkards 10 years later, and to this day, some of them are still doing the same old song and dance.

Alcohol makes sleeping a problem for people. Your brain cannot fully and repair itself as easily. If you are working a job it could greatly affect your performance on the clock. If you are a student, it could affect the ability to retain information for a period of time.

Upon graduating from college, I had not retained much of the information that I was supposedly learning in class. The only job I could find was killing bed bugs to earn my paycheck. The mixture of being hungover and dealing with the chemical fumes that I was inhaling really made my brain go through some foggy phases. I do not really remember about a year and a half of my life while I had that job. My social life was still going great, and I was partying on the regular, but since I was drinking quite often, I was never in a good mindset when I would wake up to head out for work.

I struggled with overcoming obstacles for quite a while in my early life. I was addicted to alcohol, but most of all, I was addicted to being social. And as I came to find out, so was everyone else who I was hanging out with. They were fueling my addiction while I was in part fueling theirs. It took years for me to realize this, but once I did, I started to analyze the steps I had taken in my life.

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Once I was able to step back from the social scene for a little bit, I was not drinking as heavily. I started noticing my thoughts getting clearer as the days began to pass, and I began to understand what kind of role my lifestyle was having an effect on my mental health.

Your mental health is the most important thing you got. Being a sane person is not something you should take for granted. You got lucky. If you have the power to interpret the thoughts that enter your brain and  can make logical decisions that make sense to other people, lucky you, you are actually a functioning person of society. Now the question is, are you using your gifts to their greatest extent? Or are you using them to socialize and enjoy the fantastic feelings of brain inhibitors.

One more thing to note. If you are constantly partying and partaking in drugs and alcohol, and you feel like you are having more and more fun each day, it may not be because things around you are becoming more exciting. It might be because your brain is decaying and the dumber a person is, the easier they are to amuse.

How Many Heavy Drinkers Do You Know

Alcohol is the most socially acceptable drug of choice. People who drink are definitely looked upon more favorably than anyone who smokes, no matter the substance. For some reason, alcohol has always been given an okay name by most people. Early on in life, once you are legally allowed to drink, so begins the time of many future alcoholics path down the hill. Most people’s 21st birthday consists of a celebration of sorts and nearly always will consist of helping the birthday person get wasted. After that birthday, now they are old enough to buy drinks, go to bars, hit the clubs, and do all the sorts of fun stuff. But because that person was restricted from tasting alcohol before that age, it can often turn into a lengthy celebration of a milestone being reached, which could turn ugly.

drinking socially

That first year as a 21 year old is so important, because once alcohol is legally able to be purchased, a person’s habits can be tested.This period in a lifetime can decide whether or not a person can function by having the ability to get alcohol whenever the want, or the opposite. Some people can handle drinking a minimal amount of alcohol whenever they go out and stay at happen, and they can keep themselves from getting overly intoxicated.  (more…)

Good Times, Bad Times, Not the Same

Going through college and truly living the college experience is an exciting thing to do coming fresh out of high school. Elementary school, middle school, and high school are kind of hard just because of all the rules that you have to face. And if you were not a fan of authority when you were younger like I was, then you could possibly understand the emotions in this post.

College can be the first time and many people’s lives when they truly feel free for once in life. Going through the lower levels of education, people are no doubt living under their parent’s roof and possibly abiding by some sort of a set of rules. After being persecuted by teachers and higher authority until you turn 18 can turn out to be a stressful way of living once you realize you are finally free. Since some people go away from college or move out of their parent’s house, it can turn into a reckless time. People may be spending too much time realizing that they are no longer under authority and spend too much time celebrating that fact. One of those people was certainly me.

After I finally broke free from the clutches of adult “authority” and realized that I am one of them now, I joined a fraternity out of some of the money I took out with student loans. My thinking was that this would help me meet new friends and form the connections that I believed that I needed coming out of college.

Well, one of the features of being a fraternity meant a lot of drinking. A lot of it was actually forced drinking, which made me believe that I had to enjoy drinking if I wanted to be apart of their group and be able to fit in. This extended to me getting used to the fact that I had to drink in many social situations, because, it turns out, peer pressure is a real and true thing. (more…)

After College

After you graduate or leave college upon finding a job, make sure your life is an order before adding too many hectic plans into your life. One of the problems with the drinking and partying in college is some people adapt to that lifestyle, even when they can not fully handle it.

When I was in college, I was in a fraternity. Our fraternity’s goals every day seemed to be to drink more and rage harder, and do it for longer than you did the night before. Sometimes we would be raging in for so many days in a row where I would sleep in my bed for an entire day, ultimately never doing nothing for that day.

The lifestyle was fun, for awhile, before I began to be dependent on the lifestyle. Little did I know, I was slowly becoming addicted to not only alcohol, but the lifestyle of the constant party life. Every night, I was hyped to hang out with all my friends and just get blasted.

drinking beer

The students who get A’s receive the highest paying jobs, people with B’s get the steady jobs, and people with C’s get the degrees. What’s a degree mean when you did not really acquire many skills in school because you were so busy partying you did not learn enough to acquire a sufficient amount of information to become even a skilled worker? You step into the manual labor lifestyle, and that’s exactly what happened with me.  (more…)

What Not To Do

I want to share with you all the dangers of drinking, and while this blog will share some of the many good times I have had, there is a lot of info on how to avoid going down the treacherous road of becoming an alcoholic. I believe that now more than ever, getting drunk has somehow become the cool thing to do. The peer influence taking place and the glamourization of beer and liquor has taken a huge turn and affected how many people are falling down the road to addiction. I am here to try and keep you all informed, and this post is going to be about the things NOT TO DO WHEN DRINKING. (more…)

Greek Life Alcohol Shenanigans

If you’ve ever been to a college campus you know there’s too much drinking involved.  When I say too much drinking involved I mean there’s a lot of alcoholics in the making.  High School seniors be warned, choose your friends wisely as they may change your life forever.  The college life influences students into making decisions they shouldn’t of made. It’s so easy for college students to mess around and not get anything done.  Part of the reason I disliked college was because of the attitude and behavior most kids had.  Most of the kids waste a lot of time drinking and partying not thinking for a second how they can make it in life.  The attitude is, “I’ll make it in the future, but right now I’m just going to party my ass off.”
college life 1
Whether you go to Iowa or Michigan you’ll see drinking everywhere.  Bars, dorms, apartments, and houses are all filled with college kids getting wasted.  I should add not all college kids are getting wasted but the majority are.  It really doesn’t matter if there under or over age there’s going to be a lot of drinking. Often times the worst college kids with drinking problems are the ones underage.
If you haven’t already seen or heard about Greek life you will on a college campus.  Schools big or small in whatever state take advantage of Greek life.  Greek life consists of fraternities and sororities partying all the time.  If paying every month to have friends, parties, and a shitty liver after four years sounds fun to you then Greek life is your path.  Trust me, I did it in college.  Greek life is one of the biggest influences on college kids becoming alcoholics.  It’s a fact that most boys and girls coming out of high school will be manipulated into thinking Greek life is cool.  Yes, it may be fun to bang a lot of girls and party all weekend, but not at the expense of your parent’s hard earned money.
 college life 2
Looking back I would have done a couple different things entering college.  For starters I wouldn’t have had a girlfriend during the first semester as too much pressure was built up from her.  Secondly, I would have waited till my second semester to rush a fraternity or at least see how my other friends did in fraternities.  In the dorm halls there was already a lot of drinking to begin with.  Sneaking in alcohol was too easy as a freshman.  Especially being that alcohol doesn’t really have a smell to it.
There’s a lot to take in as an incoming freshman, but the biggest thing to consider is what kind of life you desire after college.  Like I said not all kids in college were alcoholics.  There was a select few that wanted something big out of life, but they were not popular at all.  In college you have to ask yourself if you want to be successful or popular.  It’s very difficult to separate yourself from the crowd in college.  Many kids enter college from all different cities and financial backgrounds.  You have to be self disciplined into saying no to people when it’s time to work.
College is a fun time, it truly is.  Don’t succumb to the majority mindset.  If all your friends are out getting drunk every night maybe you need to reevaluate your friend circle.  After all the you are who you hang out with.  If you’re trying to be successful in life than getting drunk in college is probably the farthest thing from getting you one step closer to where you want to be.   college life 3

I’m On A Boat

Recently I was doing a Lonely Island binge and I watched their world famous video and song, I’m On A Boat.
I got the video right here if you guys are looking to watch it before continuing with the post.

I got me thinking about some great memories I made with my dad and my buds drinking on the boat. Now, I was a pretty wild guy in my late teens and early 20’s and alcohol was always part of the good times.
Boating in the summer is the best memory I had as a high schooler.  Without a doubt, boating on the Stockton delta was a blast.  But do you want to know what was even more fun?  Drinking and getting drunk boating on the Stockton delta.  That’s right, there’s really nothing that even comes close to the level of fun I’ve had then getting blasted on the water.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was wake boarding down the river and my dad had a thirty pack in the cooler we brought.  The craziest thing was that I was 17 at the time.  Totally illegal to drink, but my dad was fine with it.  As I was getting off the board and jumping onto the boat he yelled, “hey Blake, here’s a beer!”  I grabbed one and never looked back.  After three beers I was feeling better and then I drank 10.  After my tenth beer I was gone.
boat party


First Time Drunk

The first time being drunk is an amazing memory to have.  Most people get drunk for the first time in high school.  After all, a lot of houses parties take place in high school.  If you’ve ever been to a high school party, which I hope you have, you will be sure to have seen tons of alcohol.  It’s very common and normal for teenagers to mess around with alcohol for the first time in high school.  Once college comes around a different level drinking emerges.  It’s not uncommon for kids to become alcoholics in college.  After all, parents aren’t around and new living arrangement is present.  “College can be the best four years of your life or the worst four years of your life.”
Going from high school to college was a crazy experience for me.  I ended up graduating from a catholic high school and going to a public university.  Attending a public university was interesting to say the least.  The type of kids that went to the University of Arizona were not the type eager for success.  I remember pledging a fraternity was quite an event.  Not only were all the “frat bros” loaded and down to party all the time, but they seemed like shallow guys.  A lot of the guys and girls I met were just at the U of A to have a good time and drink.  When I was pledging in my fraternity in the fall, I blacked out for the first time.  This was something new to my system and had truly shocked me.
I remember the night like it was last night.  It was bid night at the house.  Bid night is the bigger party night in the frat all semester.  As soon as I walked in the house I just remember a crowd of active members rushing on me to drink there handles.  It was a little brutal and not something I was use to.  The actives would run up to you and tell you to drop to a new and jug.  If you ever drank vodka before you know it’s harsh when forced down your throat.
After about an hour of drinking I just remember feeling really drunk.  You know the feeling I’m talking about when you simply can’t stand or walk anywhere.  Believe me it was a very fun and memorable experience but not something I wanted to continue.  A lot of the active members were alcoholics and couldn’t get anything done in there day without taking a shot or taking a “pull.”  The frat parties and sorority girls were there but not worth the money and time.  I guess I just realized I wanted to be something great and paying for a fraternity was not going to get me there.
My advice to any senior graduating from high school and entering college is to be careful with your decisions as they may impact the rest of your life.  Often times people say, “these four years are the most pivotal years of your life and can make or break you as a success.” Due your due diligence and find out deep down what your really want in life.  Once you’ve found out what you really want in life, work for it everyday until you die.