First Time Drunk

The first time being drunk is an amazing memory to have.  Most people get drunk for the first time in high school.  After all, a lot of houses parties take place in high school.  If you’ve ever been to a high school party, which I hope you have, you will be sure to have seen tons of alcohol.  It’s very common and normal for teenagers to mess around with alcohol for the first time in high school.  Once college comes around a different level drinking emerges.  It’s not uncommon for kids to become alcoholics in college.  After all, parents aren’t around and new living arrangement is present.  “College can be the best four years of your life or the worst four years of your life.”
Going from high school to college was a crazy experience for me.  I ended up graduating from a catholic high school and going to a public university.  Attending a public university was interesting to say the least.  The type of kids that went to the University of Arizona were not the type eager for success.  I remember pledging a fraternity was quite an event.  Not only were all the “frat bros” loaded and down to party all the time, but they seemed like shallow guys.  A lot of the guys and girls I met were just at the U of A to have a good time and drink.  When I was pledging in my fraternity in the fall, I blacked out for the first time.  This was something new to my system and had truly shocked me.
I remember the night like it was last night.  It was bid night at the house.  Bid night is the bigger party night in the frat all semester.  As soon as I walked in the house I just remember a crowd of active members rushing on me to drink there handles.  It was a little brutal and not something I was use to.  The actives would run up to you and tell you to drop to a new and jug.  If you ever drank vodka before you know it’s harsh when forced down your throat.
After about an hour of drinking I just remember feeling really drunk.  You know the feeling I’m talking about when you simply can’t stand or walk anywhere.  Believe me it was a very fun and memorable experience but not something I wanted to continue.  A lot of the active members were alcoholics and couldn’t get anything done in there day without taking a shot or taking a “pull.”  The frat parties and sorority girls were there but not worth the money and time.  I guess I just realized I wanted to be something great and paying for a fraternity was not going to get me there.
My advice to any senior graduating from high school and entering college is to be careful with your decisions as they may impact the rest of your life.  Often times people say, “these four years are the most pivotal years of your life and can make or break you as a success.” Due your due diligence and find out deep down what your really want in life.  Once you’ve found out what you really want in life, work for it everyday until you die.


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