I’m On A Boat

Recently I was doing a Lonely Island binge and I watched their world famous video and song, I’m On A Boat.
I got the video right here if you guys are looking to watch it before continuing with the post.

I got me thinking about some great memories I made with my dad and my buds drinking on the boat. Now, I was a pretty wild guy in my late teens and early 20’s and alcohol was always part of the good times.
Boating in the summer is the best memory I had as a high schooler.  Without a doubt, boating on the Stockton delta was a blast.  But do you want to know what was even more fun?  Drinking and getting drunk boating on the Stockton delta.  That’s right, there’s really nothing that even comes close to the level of fun I’ve had then getting blasted on the water.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I was wake boarding down the river and my dad had a thirty pack in the cooler we brought.  The craziest thing was that I was 17 at the time.  Totally illegal to drink, but my dad was fine with it.  As I was getting off the board and jumping onto the boat he yelled, “hey Blake, here’s a beer!”  I grabbed one and never looked back.  After three beers I was feeling better and then I drank 10.  After my tenth beer I was gone.
boat party

If you’ve ever gotten drunk you know what it’s like to fall.  Now imagine falling in the water going 20 miles per hour, pure enjoyment.  Wakeboarding is so fun sober, but being drunk only amplifies the experience.  Especially; being that I was drunk for the first time on a boat.  The only other thing that made the day even better was picking up chicks on Party Cove.  Party Cove is this little island in the middle of the delta where dozens of boats anchor on the beach.  It’s a little loud if you ever drive by.  Most of the boats have a ton of speakers blasting music.  It is a must to check out party island of your ever on the Stockton delta.
 party cove
When we left party island, we went down to the Stockton cove which is adjacent to downtown Stockton.  In the middle of downtown Stockton there’s a hockey arena, baseball stadium, and legendary movie theater.  The coolest part of the delta is having the ability to just pull up and dock your boat in front of the ballpark or arena.  It’s a great way to take out a date or simply just get blasted, and catch a game.  Be advised you have to keep your eye out for cops on the water because the delta has tons.
Once the day was over it sucked.  Being drunk and leaving the water sucks.  The whole day the sun was just beating down on me.  If you’ve ever been in the sun for a long time you know how harsh it can be after a while.  Being drunk only adds more stress and tear on your body.  If you drink a lot and you’re in the sun it’s imperative you drink tons of water or else you will get dehydrated.  When we took the boat in it was so hard to stay focused.  I just remember my dad wanting me to help him clean the boat.  It sucks having to take the boat out and manually clean the boat.  The last thing I wanted to do was grab a hose and sponge. But, you know what made cleaning the boat a little more enjoyable? Well, to calm my nerves, Dad gave me a shot of whiskey 😉


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