Greek Life Alcohol Shenanigans

If you’ve ever been to a college campus you know there’s too much drinking involved.  When I say too much drinking involved I mean there’s a lot of alcoholics in the making.  High School seniors be warned, choose your friends wisely as they may change your life forever.  The college life influences students into making decisions they shouldn’t of made. It’s so easy for college students to mess around and not get anything done.  Part of the reason I disliked college was because of the attitude and behavior most kids had.  Most of the kids waste a lot of time drinking and partying not thinking for a second how they can make it in life.  The attitude is, “I’ll make it in the future, but right now I’m just going to party my ass off.”
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Whether you go to Iowa or Michigan you’ll see drinking everywhere.  Bars, dorms, apartments, and houses are all filled with college kids getting wasted.  I should add not all college kids are getting wasted but the majority are.  It really doesn’t matter if there under or over age there’s going to be a lot of drinking. Often times the worst college kids with drinking problems are the ones underage.
If you haven’t already seen or heard about Greek life you will on a college campus.  Schools big or small in whatever state take advantage of Greek life.  Greek life consists of fraternities and sororities partying all the time.  If paying every month to have friends, parties, and a shitty liver after four years sounds fun to you then Greek life is your path.  Trust me, I did it in college.  Greek life is one of the biggest influences on college kids becoming alcoholics.  It’s a fact that most boys and girls coming out of high school will be manipulated into thinking Greek life is cool.  Yes, it may be fun to bang a lot of girls and party all weekend, but not at the expense of your parent’s hard earned money.
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Looking back I would have done a couple different things entering college.  For starters I wouldn’t have had a girlfriend during the first semester as too much pressure was built up from her.  Secondly, I would have waited till my second semester to rush a fraternity or at least see how my other friends did in fraternities.  In the dorm halls there was already a lot of drinking to begin with.  Sneaking in alcohol was too easy as a freshman.  Especially being that alcohol doesn’t really have a smell to it.
There’s a lot to take in as an incoming freshman, but the biggest thing to consider is what kind of life you desire after college.  Like I said not all kids in college were alcoholics.  There was a select few that wanted something big out of life, but they were not popular at all.  In college you have to ask yourself if you want to be successful or popular.  It’s very difficult to separate yourself from the crowd in college.  Many kids enter college from all different cities and financial backgrounds.  You have to be self disciplined into saying no to people when it’s time to work.
College is a fun time, it truly is.  Don’t succumb to the majority mindset.  If all your friends are out getting drunk every night maybe you need to reevaluate your friend circle.  After all the you are who you hang out with.  If you’re trying to be successful in life than getting drunk in college is probably the farthest thing from getting you one step closer to where you want to be.   college life 3


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