What Not To Do

I want to share with you all the dangers of drinking, and while this blog will share some of the many good times I have had, there is a lot of info on how to avoid going down the treacherous road of becoming an alcoholic. I believe that now more than ever, getting drunk has somehow become the cool thing to do. The peer influence taking place and the glamourization of beer and liquor has taken a huge turn and affected how many people are falling down the road to addiction. I am here to try and keep you all informed, and this post is going to be about the things NOT TO DO WHEN DRINKING.

In this day and age where Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and other social media outlets dominate, it is also providing another field for young adults to find new ways of influencing their lives. Kids these days seem to have an obsession more than the adults of yesteryears of the latest trends and popularities. Now that everyone has a smartphone, we can all be in the know on what’s how and what’s not. Yet, some of the biggest names on the social media, on the television, and in the media are the dumb celebrities that do nothing for us in the world. People that are on the channel E! like the Real Housewives of all the various cities and the Kardashian sisters, what are they doing for everyone? Well, it’s basically just them getting in fights, and partying. And what induces most of these situations, well alcohol of course. People see this and run with it. They think that it is cool to live that sort of lifestyle where arguments happen, and fights happen, and most of the time, it seems to be provoked because of the alcohol.

Kids these days are also blasting what they are doing all over the Social Media. And once you get a couple of college kids on your snap chat, you start to notice that all of the nightly snapchats have to do with people either partying and enjoying alcohol, or enjoying a boring night at home with their friends, whilst sipping on a brew. While I am all for the alcohol induced escapades, I don’t think it is a good idea to try to use alcohol as a need to have fun. Too many people think that they cannot have a good time at a party with alcohol. But I do not think this is true. I for one enjoy the conversations that I can intellectually have at a party whether under the influence or not. But I think people take their alcohol levels to far. I see people getting wasted out of their mind and it’s for no other reason other than they think it is cool to be wasted. I’m just a little disjointed in how people are using this poisonous substance and just wanted somewhere to hold a discussion. So tell me, where do you think alcohol holds a place in this society?


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