After College

After you graduate or leave college upon finding a job, make sure your life is an order before adding too many hectic plans into your life. One of the problems with the drinking and partying in college is some people adapt to that lifestyle, even when they can not fully handle it.

When I was in college, I was in a fraternity. Our fraternity’s goals every day seemed to be to drink more and rage harder, and do it for longer than you did the night before. Sometimes we would be raging in for so many days in a row where I would sleep in my bed for an entire day, ultimately never doing nothing for that day.

The lifestyle was fun, for awhile, before I began to be dependent on the lifestyle. Little did I know, I was slowly becoming addicted to not only alcohol, but the lifestyle of the constant party life. Every night, I was hyped to hang out with all my friends and just get blasted.

drinking beer

The students who get A’s receive the highest paying jobs, people with B’s get the steady jobs, and people with C’s get the degrees. What’s a degree mean when you did not really acquire many skills in school because you were so busy partying you did not learn enough to acquire a sufficient amount of information to become even a skilled worker? You step into the manual labor lifestyle, and that’s exactly what happened with me. 

After graduating for college with a degree that would not even make me competitive in the job market, I struggled mightily even finding someone to hire me for decently more than minimum wage. After a year of unsuccessful attempts at landing a job in my field of study, I settle for a job driving trucks for a produce company. Let me tell you, when you are still addicted to the party life and spending many nights drinking and hanging out with friends, just to have to wake up at 4 in the morning to get to work the next day, after awhile you finally are able to contemplate life.

drinking beers

During the many nights being drunk and partying with my friends, I did not have cognitive thinking time to be able to think about where my life was headed. I was always wrapped up in the moment, never spending a sliver of my thought process to thinking about what kind of future lied ahead for.

The damn hangovers that I felt waking up early in the morning to the 10 hour work days really started to catch up to me. When my life literally consisted of work, drinking, partying, little sleep, and back to work, the damage really starts to catch up with the body, and the mind. I started to notice I had a tough time developing thoughts and maintaining a single thought process for enough time to gather an idea. I had a hard time keeping my mind focused on a single task in front of. I had actually become worse off than I was in my teens physically, and I felt ashamed that most 15 year old kids would be able to push me around because I was so weak. drinking brews

My point in this matter is that all of you who are reading this need to evaluate your lives. Are you using your time wisely, or are you spending your days in and out worrying about who’s going to be at the next party and how much that next drink is going to cost. Instead, start to contemplate what you are going to be doing 3 years from now, and 10 years from now, and 50 years now. Are you setting up your life to have a good livelihood ahead. Are you going to be able to take care of anyone but yourself for the rest of your life. Can you even take care of yourself properly, or are you drooling over yourself with a beer in your hand. I know I am right now, and it’s time for me to call it a night. I got work in the morning. Seriously guys. Turn off the electronics, turn off the tv, try silence for awhile. See what kind of connections your brain is capable of making and run with them. If you keep choosing poorly with your decisions, you may not have a capable brain in then next few years.


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