Good Times, Bad Times, Not the Same

Going through college and truly living the college experience is an exciting thing to do coming fresh out of high school. Elementary school, middle school, and high school are kind of hard just because of all the rules that you have to face. And if you were not a fan of authority when you were younger like I was, then you could possibly understand the emotions in this post.

College can be the first time and many people’s lives when they truly feel free for once in life. Going through the lower levels of education, people are no doubt living under their parent’s roof and possibly abiding by some sort of a set of rules. After being persecuted by teachers and higher authority until you turn 18 can turn out to be a stressful way of living once you realize you are finally free. Since some people go away from college or move out of their parent’s house, it can turn into a reckless time. People may be spending too much time realizing that they are no longer under authority and spend too much time celebrating that fact. One of those people was certainly me.

After I finally broke free from the clutches of adult “authority” and realized that I am one of them now, I joined a fraternity out of some of the money I took out with student loans. My thinking was that this would help me meet new friends and form the connections that I believed that I needed coming out of college.

Well, one of the features of being a fraternity meant a lot of drinking. A lot of it was actually forced drinking, which made me believe that I had to enjoy drinking if I wanted to be apart of their group and be able to fit in. This extended to me getting used to the fact that I had to drink in many social situations, because, it turns out, peer pressure is a real and true thing.

I had not really realized it until after the fact, but that first year of hazing to join the fraternity was just another form of authority bearing it’s clutches on my life, and other’s lives. I had run away from other rulers, and fallen into the clutches of another group of people who had a strong influence on what I did in my life.

I thought most of these frat parties that I went to with my frat bros were always the best of times. Our parties would be kickin, hundreds of people would be at our house partying to the max. It was nearly every night, we would have kegs come in, handles of vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, every type of alcohol you can think of. These times were a blast, except when they were not.

Have you ever noticed how some people when they get really drunk, are just flat out rude people. Alcohol inhibits many of your emotional processes, and it got to some people. It even got to me some nights as well.

Just because I was drinking every night, I told myself this was always fun. Hell yeah, living in the moment, what’s better than that? I’ll tell you what is better. Preparing for your future. Thinking about what you are going to be telling yourself tomorrow, about what you did today. Is your tomorrow self going to be happy about what you accomplished today. Or was it just another forgettable day taken over by the inhibitions that alcohol caused.

I don’t know how many of you live your life, but this is a warning to everyone who drinks alcohol on a regular basis. Try to go without it for a couple days. If you cannot go without for 3 days, and your body is telling you that you want to drink, even if it is just a little, ask yourself, is this what is going to help you in life. Is that sip of alcohol making anything better for you. It all depends on what kind of person you are, but I personally think there are better way to use your time, and better drugs that you can use for the purposes that you may think you are seeking from drinking. There were a lot of good times during these occasions, there were also a lot of bad, and they most certainly were not the same.


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