How Many Heavy Drinkers Do You Know

Alcohol is the most socially acceptable drug of choice. People who drink are definitely looked upon more favorably than anyone who smokes, no matter the substance. For some reason, alcohol has always been given an okay name by most people. Early on in life, once you are legally allowed to drink, so begins the time of many future alcoholics path down the hill. Most people’s 21st birthday consists of a celebration of sorts and nearly always will consist of helping the birthday person get wasted. After that birthday, now they are old enough to buy drinks, go to bars, hit the clubs, and do all the sorts of fun stuff. But because that person was restricted from tasting alcohol before that age, it can often turn into a lengthy celebration of a milestone being reached, which could turn ugly.

drinking socially

That first year as a 21 year old is so important, because once alcohol is legally able to be purchased, a person’s habits can be tested.This period in a lifetime can decide whether or not a person can function by having the ability to get alcohol whenever the want, or the opposite. Some people can handle drinking a minimal amount of alcohol whenever they go out and stay at happen, and they can keep themselves from getting overly intoxicated.¬†

Alcohol in minor amounts can be okay for certain types of people and has the ability of improving moods, and maintaining someone’s health if they are drinking, say, a glass of red wine. But when consuming abundant amounts of alcohol, the chemicals in the substance can tear up a person’s insides and leave them forever a shell of their former self. Alcohol can tear up a person’s liver, pancreas, and other parts of the body, and especially the worst part is what it can do to your brain. Alcohol also messes up your sleep cycles, and your circadian rhythm can not be fully reached when you consume alcohol and are intoxicated before you go to sleep late at night.

The human brain usually will continue to develop until about the age of 25. At the age of 21, some people are consuming such mass amounts of alcohol that their brain is deteriorating rather than progressively growing. Their sleep cycles can be affected, and alcohol can change their life without them even consciously being able to think about it.

It is important for a person to be aware of what they are partaking in when they consume alcohol. There is not enough alcohol education in schools anymore, and it is misguiding teenagers and young adults about what alcohol can really do to you. In high school, we briefly talked about dangers of alcohol, but never really had a serious discussion with an open forum. In college, when people are really starting to beginning to partake in their alcoholic escapades, there was even less education for me. We were required to take an online intro class for learning about the dangers of alcohol, and, if you ever had to do one of these in college, you will realize that nobody is even paying attention when you can just click through it and still pass.

As most of the people on the internet are of the younger crowd, I want them to understand to do some research on just about anything that you are doing in life. There is a lot of change and progression in this world, and with the luxury of the internet to help guide people in the right direction and make new discoveries, there is no reason everyone can get the information they need about many of the things that are affecting them in this lifetime.


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