What Heavy Drinking Does To You

With this growing population of young drinkers, a big concern that many of us adults have have lived through that time period in our lives will ask them is, “Can you handle it?”

The early 20’s of a person’s life can make or break their future, or at least for the short term of it. Once a person graduates high school and truly enters the adult life, a lot of the world really starts to show it’s true colors and hit them right between the eyes. For the college graduates, some will get a job, some will focus on school, and some will do both. But, for a lot of these social people, partying has it’s place.

Many people say live fast and live it up while you are long. Some better advice would be think smart, think logically, and ask yourself, “is this what I should be doing right now.”

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For the party animals. Are you going to be able to handle partying at the same time as going to school or working to earn a living? Is the party effect having an affect on your mental stability? Is the alcohol affecting your cognitive thinking? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may time to take a good hard look at the path you are heading down in your life.

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I have seen first hand alcohol affect many of my friend’s lives. Some of the most ambitious people I ever knew in High School turned out to be lame drunkards 10 years later, and to this day, some of them are still doing the same old song and dance.

Alcohol makes sleeping a problem for people. Your brain cannot fully and repair itself as easily. If you are working a job it could greatly affect your performance on the clock. If you are a student, it could affect the ability to retain information for a period of time.

Upon graduating from college, I had not retained much of the information that I was supposedly learning in class. The only job I could find was killing bed bugs to earn my paycheck. The mixture of being hungover and dealing with the chemical fumes that I was inhaling really made my brain go through some foggy phases. I do not really remember about a year and a half of my life while I had that job. My social life was still going great, and I was partying on the regular, but since I was drinking quite often, I was never in a good mindset when I would wake up to head out for work.

I struggled with overcoming obstacles for quite a while in my early life. I was addicted to alcohol, but most of all, I was addicted to being social. And as I came to find out, so was everyone else who I was hanging out with. They were fueling my addiction while I was in part fueling theirs. It took years for me to realize this, but once I did, I started to analyze the steps I had taken in my life.

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Once I was able to step back from the social scene for a little bit, I was not drinking as heavily. I started noticing my thoughts getting clearer as the days began to pass, and I began to understand what kind of role my lifestyle was having an effect on my mental health.

Your mental health is the most important thing you got. Being a sane person is not something you should take for granted. You got lucky. If you have the power to interpret the thoughts that enter your brain and  can make logical decisions that make sense to other people, lucky you, you are actually a functioning person of society. Now the question is, are you using your gifts to their greatest extent? Or are you using them to socialize and enjoy the fantastic feelings of brain inhibitors.

One more thing to note. If you are constantly partying and partaking in drugs and alcohol, and you feel like you are having more and more fun each day, it may not be because things around you are becoming more exciting. It might be because your brain is decaying and the dumber a person is, the easier they are to amuse.


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