Role the Media Plays

As we become more and more entrenched in this society that goes to their job and rewards themselves with TV, video games, and other pointless entertainment devices, one thing has remained constant, the United State’s citizens sure do love their alcohol.

For some reason, the media loves to feed us TV shows that depict less than sub-par human beings divulging in chaotic life experiences that almost always involve some sort of feud. I don’t know if there is an audience in America that just loves to watch other people have their arguments or get into fistfights, or whatever else is going on TV, but it has made it’s way into every category of TV. From the “Learning Channels,” to E!, to A&E, to ABC, all of these networks are displaying reality television as their now primary forms of entertainment. It’s kind of a low stoop below what we deserve as human, but nevertheless, there is a crowd that just can’t seem to step away from what’s going on in the Housewives of Los Angeles lives or trying to keep up with the Kardashians and the Jenner’s.

It’s not just on TV now though, it is covering Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, even our journalism websites, and even websites that try to separate from those kinds of people, you hear me Reddit?

Part of the problem of this generation now is that they are growing up with this garbage on TV and trying to depict these characters that are getting plastered on every network lately. People seem to incorporate the habits that these people have on TV and bring it into their own lives, the drama and all.

After college, I noticed a lot of my friends, including myself could not separate themselves from the party life. It was not necessarily the act of going out and hanging around with friends, there was so much gossip and feuding involved that I think people just started feeding off the anger around and enjoying soaking it all up.

But what caused these feuds, and fights, and how come everyone is enjoying gossiping about people that they do not even see anymore. Part of the reason is that there is nothing going on in anybody else’s lives that they feel the need to talk about people who are more relevant, another factor that comes into effect is that alcohol is dumbing down the population and making people enjoy pointless conversations much more easily. People see how the characters on TV act and how they handle themselves in social situations and they begin to represent what kind of characters they love to watch into their own lives, and bring all of the drama that comes with it.

The biggest problem with this kind of lifestyle, the partying, the gossiping, and the conversations that go no where and are non constructive is… what effect are any of these people having on the world other than bringing it down? When people literally talk about nothing important day in and day out, and accomplish nothing at the same time, what is that doing for the rest of us. We now live in a world where people just try to entertain themselves without actually doing anything for anyone else that they know, and their whole day’s are centered around with, “how can I fill my brain up with distractions instead of focusing on the real problems?”

People are afraid of silence. They always need something to distract their mind and keep thoughts rushing in and out of their head. Nobody spends the time to focus on the real issues that are in front of us in this world, and I fear, we are currently at our best right now compared to what is at stake in the future years ahead.


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