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Part of having a wealthy lifestyle definitely includes partaking in fancy parties and affair with your other wealthy friends. Although it probably does not seem like it, I myself was once apart of the wealthier tier of people, and living in California of all places.

When I reached the higher tier of class, I noticed since I had more time to socialize, it was somewhat mandatory if I wanted to also have friends who fancied themselves as  being among the finer classes of life. But, the best apart about me entering the ranks of these people was that I was already quite familiar with being a social butterfly at these gatherings, albeit, raised a different kind of way than most of the other people here.

Entering into the stratosphere of the wealthy class was somewhat an enlightening experience for me, because I was able to see that many of these people were just like me, and they had collected themselves and established that their time was important and they wanted to socialize with other like minded people. This led to attending the same functions with the same groupings of people time and time again, and really gave me a chance to become close with a wide array of people.

Some of our particular gatherings took place at resorts, mansions, and other large venues, where most often, there would be a wide variety of drinks at each of these locations, which would really ease off some of the jitters that I had and really helped me get into the socializing and conversational person that I am.

When I was living in California, many of our gatherings took place throughout wine country. Napa, CA is known for it’s wine, as well as it’s upscale party life for the wealthier individuals. There are many fantastic locations that are somewhat isolated from the city folk and when you are at these events, they are basically no worries except having to deal with the occasional uppity individual. But truly, I met some wonderful people here whom I would call my friends for life.

napa wine country

One particular fellow, whom I become close friends with was a young business owner who was trying to grow his business for the sole purpose of opening up another small business and exploding that one. His dream was to have a ton of businesses opened up in the area, and have multiple streams of wealth. At the time, the only one he had fully functional and running was his contractor business, I’ve seen some of the man’s creations in the Northern part of California and he is definitely adding something to the architectural foundation of some of these homes that make last a hundred years,  so had to give the boy a shout-out! The young man’s ambitions really motivated me to continue on the upswing trajectory that I was currently dealing with, and I could see the passion in his eyes that he had to be a successful person in my life. We talked in great detail about becoming well rounded individuals. He shared with me one simple trick that made him successful that he took away from one of the people whom he had called his mentor. He said it was called the 10x rule. What this rule says is to take whatever action you are currently putting into your activities, and try to do 10 times the amount of effort put into it. When you put 10x the effort into your actions, whatever it is you are doing, success will follow.

grant cardone 10x rule

The biggest thing holding people back in life is that they know what they need to do to succeed in something, but they are not putting enough effort into it. Action causes reactions to occur, and when you stir up enough action into something, the reactions will become bigger and bigger.

The reason I share this particular story with you is because he was not the only person who had followed this rule. As I talked to many of the other people at these events, I became curious about what it was that gave them the success that they had. So I started asking around, the consensus was that they were all hard workers. I didn’t talk to many people who said they got lucky. Whenever I asked about luck, they said they did not believe in it. They said luck was a word created by people who were jealous of the people that could put a lot of effort into things that they believed in because the poor people could never find the desire to create a hot flame in their hearts that created the passion to go all into something.

So if anyone is out there reading this, and you have a dream, what are you doing top make that dream a reality? How much effort are you putting into your life to create your success? Where do you see yourself in the next few years on the trajectory that you are currently on, and where do you see yourself if you changed that trajectory? If you changed a couple of things, such as the effort you are putting into your into your dreams, and the time of your day dedicated to accomplishing those dreams, do you think that could create a better life for yourself?effort grant cardone


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