I Only Smoke When I Drink

A common theme among party goers usually will consist of substance friendly types of people. So when there is a gathering of people who drink alcohol, often, they are comfortable being around people who indulge in other substances, particularly cigarettes and cigars.

If you ask a common party meister whether or not they smoke, a common answer will be “only when I’m drinking.” Now, of course it depends on the person in the situation, but often some of these people will be drinking so often that cigarettes become a part of their party lifestyle. Both of these substances are highly addictive, so it is not out of the ordinary for someone who is addicted to one of the substances to be addicted to the other, especially if they began using one substance with the other. It could start to turn into a lifestyle where someone who drinks will always have a cigarette with their alcohol. And since they are drinking frequently, they probably are smoking frequently as well. Vice versa could be true as well.¬†

Cigarettes and alcohol are often used for people who want to relax their nerves after being involved in tense situations, whether that be social gatherings, the time spent relaxing after work, or just to get that rush that is often felt when using both of these substances together. If your family has a history of alcoholism or an addiction to smoking tobacco, they is a high chance that a casual drink or smoke during a party or gathering could progressively turn into a problem that become tougher and tougher to quit.

Addiction is one thing to be concerned about, but the biggest danger to your life with indulging in these substances with problems associated with health that comes from using the two. Smoking tobacco has a dangerous effect on entire body, and its not just cancer that is attributed to the use of tobacco. Cigarettes also decay the body and brain. Smoke filling your lungs obstructs the ability for oxygen to reach your brain and instead, your brain cells are affected, as well as your hearts ability to send blood throughout your body, which you will see by the sagginess of skin of cigarette smoker, and this is only compounded by the use of alcohol.

When you hear someone say that they only cigarettes when they smoke, consider whether or not they are drinking a lot, which could mean they are smoking a lot as well.


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